Trains – An Indian Adventures

By | June 16, 2019
Trains - An Indian Adventures

Types of class in Indian Railway and their own Limitation. Seriously Dude, but just keep in mind, this was just an Analysis.


Trains – An Indian Adventures

Travelling by Train is something like Goosebumps before we start our Journey. Make more excited, Curiosity Level, Packing luggage, Ticket Books Before 3 months, Bla Bla Bla

Avoid Sleeper class. It’s always crowded, and vendors keep streaming in and out. AC coaches are safer and they also have an attendant (though may be difficult to get hold of most of the times).


General Class

Let us Talk about General Class which is actually 2 coaches are available in the very train. Either back to Engine or attached with Guard coach. This class doesn’t require reservations and therefore, you can see a lot of crowd in a single coach, unlike other classes. Seats here are made of wooden mostly intended for sitting and not for sleeping “I Repeat not for sleeping.”


Second Class

This is a reservation compartment which is available in cheap option for people commuting a shorter distance. Usually, trains with 2S class run during the daytime. You will see cushioned seats for three seats on both sides. Some new trains also have single comfortable seats for the passengers. Second Class have quite comfortable as compared to General Class. Many of them using for the Up down, College Students, Regular Travellers etc…


Sleeper Class

This one has been the most popular choice for a middle-class person in India. But most of them now moved to AC compartments. Every buddy has the first priority to book Sleeper class Seat before 3 months. Therefore, you can see more General class people here. This compartment has seats divided into 3 tiers allowing 6 passengers to sleep. Attached are both Indian and Western-style toilets.


3rd Tier Class

A step above sleeper class is 3AC offering much comfort and quiet surrounding to the travellers. Carriages are same as of the sleeper class coach, but the windows are made of a tinted glass that cannot be opened. Of course, it offers to cool with air-conditioners along with bedding services for the passengers. The main difference is the number of people in the car. 3-tier has more people & fewer privacy features. Essentially the car is divided up into rooms (minus walls) where there are berths of beds. The beds can be changed into seats as needed.

2nd Tier Class

Experience a comfortable and hassle-free journey on the 2AC class. This is perfect for upper-class people of India and offers four beds in a compartment. The services of towels and bedding are also there for travellers.

1st Tier Class

1AC carriages are amazing! You can compare them with aeroplane travelling as they offer AC cooling, lockable doors in compartments, and vertically positioned two/four beds. Unlike other classes, these beds are wide, and passengers are offered sheets, pillows, a room freshener, and more. You will find this class in the most popular trains.


Air-Conditioned Chair Car (CC)

Indian Railways trains that commute comparatively shorter distances has CC carriages. These trains run between major cities and therefore offer a good option of CC class for people who take frequent business trips. One side of the aisle has three seats while other has two seats.

On one of our trips during the day we rode in a ‘chair car.’  We were both a bit worried this wouldn’t be an AC car as it doesn’t explicitly say ‘AC’ in the title (whereas other classes are specific). Turns out this car looked and felt like a train car in Europe or the US might look and feel. There were 6 seats across with an aisle down the middle. The chairs reclined some and yes, there was AC.

Finally, were the guys selling full meals on our overnight trains. I think this might have just been for the upper classes (we only saw it in First & 2 Tier AC classes). For 150rs you get a full thali plate.

There was a dal, a potato dish, and a paneer dish. This was served with chapatti (which we found to be too thick, cold, hard and not appetizing), rice, a Gulab jamun and a plastic spoon.  All in all, the meal was good enough with plenty of spice and it felt fresh and hygienic enough (it was a tray sealed with plastic).

Do you know there is luggage allowance in railways too just like in airways? There is a maximum limit for the luggage load allowed per passenger in trains beyond which a passenger is liable to be charged extra. This is different for different classes by the Indian Railways. Although I never found this rule to be followed very strictly by the passengers and railway employees if a passenger is seen carrying the shit load of extra luggage, they need to take special permission from the railway authority for which they are charged extra.

There is a specified luggage dimension too for the passengers to carry them in their compartment.



At least once in a lifetime, everyone Should travel with IRCTC (Sleeper as well As AC Coach). Yeah! Never miss this kind of the best experiences for all the Indian peoples to travel with the Indian Railways (IRCTC).

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