Women Safety in 2019

By | June 6, 2019
Women Safety in 2019
Which Step taken to Government for Women Safety measure?

Lack of Implementation?


Women Safety in 2019

If you search on the internet related to the Women safety Actually it will showcases which happened in India. there are many such stories happening in different parts of India where women, young girls and old are being killed.

Women’s safety means a safer, healthier community for everyone. This is a natural by-product of efforts that attempt to address issues such as family dynamics, relationships, poverty, racism and/or ending sexual violence. Building a healthy, safe community is everyone’s job6.


On one hand, there were many movements like the #MeToo movement gaining traction in India and abroad So-called “Trending Tweet” where several powerful men lost their jobs or were forced to resign. Yeah! Many of them lost their Respect in front of Connecting People.

  • Women’s safety involves strategies, practices, and policies which aim to reduce gender-based violence (or violence against women), including women’s fear of crime.
  • Lack of movement and comfort is a form of social exclusion.
  • Conversely, space can also create a sensation of safety and comfort and can serve to discourage violence.
  • Women’s safety involves freedom from poverty.
  • This includes safe access to water, the existence, and security of communal toilet facilities in informal settlements, slum upgrades, gender-sensitive street and city design, safe car parks, shopping centers, and public transportation2.
  • Family income plays a powerful role Similarly, women’s economic empowerment reduces their vulnerability to situations of violence as they become less dependent on men and better able to make their own decisions.
  • Women have the right to value themselves, to be empowered, to be respected, to be independent, to have their rights valued, to be loved, to have solidarity with other family and community members, and to be recognized as equal members in society.


What can you and I do? – So why should it not be reflected in practice?

  • Every citizen needs to decide and agree that each person has the right to be safe. Our constitution states that every single person is equal before the law.
  • Women and girls must be allowed to access education, healthcare, choice of career, choice of marriage partner, or the right to stay single.
  • They should not be punished for their choice of garments, friends, or leisure activities. In short, they must be given respect and be allowed to exercise their rights.
  • As individuals, each of us can respect one another; let us be active bystanders where we prevent sexual violence and intervene when we see it happening and – most importantly – do not perpetuate it.


Government Factor

The police must ensure police stations are welcoming places for women to make complaints. It does not serve anyone well that official statistics on crime against women are severely under-reported. Suppressing these complaints only weakens the system and emboldens perpetrators. This ultimately affects the country as the perception of safety in India takes a beating.

Traveling in the city (Transportation)

  • The one experience common to all women in the city is related to public transport; accessing the same is seen as fraught with discomfort and danger.
  • This danger is associated with the threat of harassment or even rape in deserted areas. Public transport – buses in particular – are listed among the most unsafe places for women where sexual harassment seems to have become a regular feature.
  • Transportation is common like a Bus is the most commonly used form of public transport in the city, in addition to the metro rail system, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, and taxis.
  • Middle- and upper-class women are, to an extent, able to filter their experiences because of the options available to them.
  • For instance, many upper-class women can avoid buses if they can afford to travel in cars or taxis. Many women pointed out that the metro system, which earlier used to be safe, now has similar crowding and the fear of sexual harassment here as well.


Unsafe City in India is New Delhi undoubted

Every Buddy knew the How’s Delhi is Unsafe. Just ping the points related to lack of safety measure, Technology, Awareness Programs.

  1. Poor Lighting
  2. Lack of Information
  3. Poor maintenance of Public Space
  4. Crowd public Transport
  5. Lack of clean & safe public toilets
  6. Lack of vendors
  7. Lack of effective people – Police & Civil Guards.
  8. Lack of Respect for women from men.
  9. Uncomfortable and unsafe in New City


Safety Measure like – Audit

  1. Preparation
  2. Training
  3. Implementation
  4. Safety walk
  5. Formulation Recommendation
  6. Self Defence


My Point of View  

If each of us did our bit, we would be able to end the horrific violence against women and girls and make the world a happier, more equal, and more comfortable for Women.

My wish is to “Be the change you wish to see”, as said by Mahatma Gandhi.

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