Women With Courage & Dignity

By | June 8, 2019
Women With Courage & Dignity

Well, Today I am not going to write a Blog for a particular Topic, Point of View & Thought. Be Focus this is going to a very interesting story and inspirational for all of us.


Women With Courage & Dignity

Real life Inspirational Women who taught me the Very Small Things which make a more difference. So, start with the Travelling!!!!!

I was traveling from Mathura to Vadodara through Golden Temple Express. With the full of Mast & Without Sleep doing unwanted kinds of stuff, talk with them who are sitting in front of my Berth.

Talking with strangers – Like Discussion of Politics & You all know When Indian come to Discussion on Politics. No one can Match the level of Indian People on Politics Issue, Criminal Sane, Judgemental Speech, Party Next Moves, Fake Face Everything.



The Whole day of mine is over with full of Knowledge, taunt, Critical Thinking, Beyond the Imagination Thought of Tons of People.

I was standing on Railway Station of Vadodara – Full of Luggage with 5 Trolley Bag, Shoulder Bag, laptop bag & other Pieces of Stuff. Asking for Rickshaw to drop me at My Address. No one comes forward to help me over my Destination Point.

Then I meet one Rickshaw Women who casually asked me with Respectable (Genuine) Smile.


My Conversation

Nirmala ji – Sir, where you want to go?

Me – Hello Mam, I want to go to this address! Could you please help me with this?

Nirmala Ji – Sure, Charges are 570 Rupees is it Ok for you??

(Price are hike due to Night Time & you are only One (Special)

Me-Okay mam, Alright.

Nirmala Ji – Set the luggage in rear Compartment Sir.

Me – Let’s go, Mam, it will be a great ride

(Because the distance From Railway Station to My location is around 26KM to 30KM)  

Nirmala Ji – Casually Asked Where do you live exactly on that address? Any landmark or Nearby Society Name Sir.

Me – Yeah! Nearby by Patel Chokdi.

(After a Couple of mints – with shivering Casually asked! Mam, don’t you feel scared particularly in the night (Night Shift) with full of demon’s type, Alone & Where you feel a Proximity).


Nirmala Ji – Said, Vishal! Correct.

Me – Yes Mam,

Nirmala Ji – Well, not sometimes but every time I feel Scared, Alone, think over & over again regarding the Harassment. What others are actually suffering Right Now.

(Sorry for Interruption – Mam, then why are you doing this job after knowing all the difficulties)

Nirmala Ji – Vishal, the 2 words always push me for work – (Need & responsibility)

Me – Mam, I’m not going to ask about any problem, But with Simple question is how many members you are??

Nirmala ji – Me & my 2 Children’s (Raju & Tarun)

Me – And your husband??

Nirmala Ji – He is no more Due to Heart Problem.

Me – I’m Extremely Sorry Mam.

Nirmala ji – It’s ok to Forget all these things. Everyone is surviving for all their Need & Greeds. I’m also one of them.

Me – Mam, I have only question for you

Nirmala ji – Yeah! Sure, why not.

Me – The courage you have Mam, Seriously I’m speechless. Hat’s Off

Nirmala Ji – Vishal, Thank You Very Much for Appreciation. Still, I again say it’s all about Situation, Responsibility & (Needs & Greed’s).

(After all the Conversation I reached my Location and I don’t realize when I reached in short Minimal Time)

Nirmala Ji – Vishal, we reached on your Destination.

Me – Thank You, Mam. Thanks, You Very Much.

(Mam, Can I take a Selfie with you for a Memory – It will always teach me the lessons about Determination & Responsibility)


And Nirmala ji Casually said Okay and Leave after a Selfie.



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